Life size holograms for captivating video content

Create viral videos for your social channels.

The Challenge Summarized

The moving image has been keeping us entertained for over a century now. Video content helps you to be concise and capture viewers’ interest, so it is no wonder that videos are becoming the most popular content type on social media. However, with businesses and brands constantly competing for attention on social media, videos you create need to be memorable and have that ‘wow’ factor to grab the viewers’ attention from the first seconds.

The Vision Behind the App

Virtuacast envisioned a mobile application that would allow its users to produce viral videos featuring holograms. They wanted to enable the app users to create life size holograms to view and interact with and later share the resulting videos on social channels. They partnered with Scopic to work on this sophisticated vision.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic developers worked on Virtuacast, an app that generates life-size holograms of people (such as famous actors, athletes, and celebrities), animals, or animated characters from the app’s library. The application then enables its users to share the resulting videos or photos via Twitter and Facebook.

The system requires a special mat that is set on the ground and an accompanying mobile app. The hologram appears in view of the mobile device’s camera where the mat is set.

Scopic developed this solution both for iOS and Android.

Skills Involved:

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