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Action Against Hunger

Streamlined Communication for Global Impact 

An Advanced 9-1-1 Eco System to Expand Your ImpactA Twilio Flex Solution for Efficient Feedback Management 

The Challenge

Action Against Hunger, dedicated to combating hunger and malnutrition, operates globally to provide emergency aid and sustainable solutions to hunger. With a mission to save lives and build resilient communities, they required a robust platform to manage feedback from various channels effectively. 

The Vision  

The goal was to develop a unified communication system to handle feedback from live calls, SMSs, voice messages, WhatsApp, and emails. This system is needed to ensure that all feedback is promptly and accurately routed to the appropriate departments, streamlining the feedback process and improving response times. Action Against Hunger’s extensive work in nearly 50 countries underscored the need for an efficient communication system to support their efforts. 

The Scopic Solution

Scopic collaborated with Action Against Hunger to develop a Twilio Flex platform tailored to their needs. This platform supports multi-channel communication, allowing the head office to efficiently handle feedback from various sources. Built with Azure, JavaScript, Node.js, React Native, ReactJS, and Twilio, it ensures a robust and scalable solution. 

The platform features centralized feedback management, real-time handling, and efficient routing, ensuring every piece of feedback reaches the appropriate destination promptly. This solution significantly enhances the organization’s ability to manage and respond to feedback, improving overall communication and operational efficiency. 

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