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Cannabis Testing

Testing the purity of cannabis

The Challenge 

The medicinal and chemical testing of cannabis has always been quite a challenge due to the lack of authentic testing labs. There is no online repository or any results that can be collected online. 

 Many cannabis-producing companies need to ensure that their cannabis products meet industry requirements and live up to consumer expectations.

 Most cannabis users and producers fail to find a company that provides them with a pick-up service for cannabis testing.

The Vision

To facilitate cannabis users and makers alike, GobiLabs wanted to create a one-stop-shop to assist all cannabis companies’ testing needs. They aspired to have a website where users would be able to see their test results online. They hoped to offer superior services to clients, including the option to schedule a pick-up and sort articles in terms of whole manifests, individual tags, and their test type.  

The Scopic Solution

The Scopic web dev team built GobiLabs’ website from scratch, using WordPress to meet the dynamic needs of the client. This would help the client in meeting their requirements of being able to test out the various strains of cannabis.

The website is easy-to-navigate, with its crisp UI and interactive design. With the importance of good UX/UI design in mind, the Scopic web team came up with both an engaging careers page and a turnaround calculator page.

Skills Involved:

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