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The Social Media Challenge Summarized

We are aware of the increasing presence of social media in our lives. Its power to connect people has leveraged its popularity amongst youngsters. It has influenced our time in such a way that in order to maintain social media presence, we are constantly committed to sharing, liking and commenting.

However amusing it can be, social media can also become distracting and impact our productivity. We may end up hours and hours scrolling and virtually connecting. Sure, it is fun, but unless you are an influencer, it’s time down the tube. Our posts can be considered virtual assets, and yet they are only shared for entertainment. So, at the end of the day, does our social media addiction justify all this time investment?

The Vision Behind the App

Envyis was looking for ways to combine both social networking and profitability. They were convinced that social media experience could be rewarding and not just titled as an ‘addiction’. After thoroughly studying the market, they came up with the solution. Since people are willing to share their authentic elements through pictures, videos or other forms of content, why not also allow them to make a profit while doing so? Envyis envisioned a platform where the users would get satisfaction from sharing and not just in likes or comments. That’s when the company approached Scopic to turn their vision into reality.

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The Scopic Solution

Envyis is an image-based social network app, which lets users make money by sharing photos and videos. It provides a platform for artists, photographers, videographers and content creators where they can share their images and actually make money for sharing their talent. The app is available on both, the App Store (for iPhones) and Play Store (for Android users).

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