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Gorilla Workout Website

The website that promotes an award-winning workout app

Fun and accessible exercises that maximize impact.

The Workout App Promotion Challenge 

The hectic routine of our lives has a habit of leaving our health in the shadows. In the meantime, people either expect to be at their fittest with minimal dedication, or they just give up. Going to the gym becomes “time-consuming”.

Even the mere idea of following exercise programs can make people feel exhausted! Between the millions of workout apps available and the infinite excuses people find to not exercise, fitness apps have their work cut out for them.

At the end of the day, getting in front of the desired audience and having them download the app is just as important as creating the actual tool.

The Vision Behind the App

The Gorilla Workout is an award-winning mobile fitness app for bodyweight exercise programs used by over 1,000,000 people worldwide. The app has been praised by Apple, CNN, Lifehacker, and top fitness blogs. And they are available on practically every device available: iPad, iWatch, and iOS devices, as well as Android tablets and phones.

Putting health above everything is a must and Gorilla app aims to encourage people to feel like their best self – from head to toe. In addition, they highlight the importance of how daily workout should be customized for each person’s fitness level and goals. As such, the Gorilla App team viewed Scopic as a perfect solution provider to transmit their vision through an engaging website.

The Scopic Solution

The Scopic team undertook the responsibility of representing this innovative app by building a website that conveys the main advantages of Gorilla Workout. It aims at raising their online presence with visuals that showcase the app’s engaging design, as well as rich copy that’s been optimized with targeted SEO keywords.
Following the website’s launch, Scopic’s marketing team brought it into the spotlight through regular social media outreach and user engagement, features on prominent review sites, and influencer partnerships.

Skills Involved:

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