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RecipeIQ Landing Page

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The Landing Page Challenge Summarized

Many applications have sound features and a good model for how they plan to optimize the app in the future. However, the challenge arises when the app first tries to break into the market. This requires a detailed digital marketing strategy and a search engine optimized landing page to jump-start the app’s promotion.

The Vision Behind the Website

The RecipieIQ landing page was created to market the RecipeIQ mobile app in the period following the App Store (iOS) and PlayStore (Android) releases. The goal was to optimize and maximize organic search engine traffic through SEO keyword integration.

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The Scopic Solution

The RecipieIQ landing page is part of Scopic’s digital marketing portfolio. This landing page highlights the app’s key features and benefits, as well as defines the brand’s visual identity with its logo and corresponding graphics. The page also features a custom-made two-minute video, which introduces three target demographics and shows how the app improves the lives of diverse users.

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Skills Involved:

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