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Scopic AI Assistant

Introducing Scopio, our AI-powered assistant

The Challenge

With a wide variety of portfolios, our team at Scopic was looking for an intuitive way for visitors to interact with our projects, learn more about our technologies, and industries served. We wanted to leverage generative AI advancements to help visitors navigate the portfolio page. The challenge was having an AI assistant that could effectively communicate and answer questions about our projects.

The Vision  

Introducing Scopio, our very own AI assistant for searching for portfolio items in our extensive website catalog. Scopio helps website visitors get more info about our projects, technology used, and industries served by answering questions about Scopic’s experience and projects in an interactive, conversational tone and providing links for more details about each project. 

The Scopic Solution

We built Scopio using some of the most advanced technologies available. At its core, Scopio is powered by OpenAI’s GPT and uses Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to ensure smooth and intuitive interactions. By leveraging a vector store and embedding models, the agent processes user queries, identifies relevant projects handled by Scopic, and delivers accurate and relevant content in response.   

Scopio’s brand-specific customization allows it to engage intelligently with users about Scopic-related topics, so if you want to discuss the weather, Scopio will not have the answers to that .

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