Easy Order Management and Shipping 

For a Better Organized and More Streamlined Order Fulfillment 

The Challenge

Managing orders, tracking their status, and ensuring smooth shipping can be tough. Additionally, a seamless order and shipping process is crucial for customer satisfaction. But how do you create flawless order fulfillment from the point when someone places an order until the moment they receive their goods? That’s where ShipStation comes in. 

The Vision

ShipStation is a leading order management platform and shipping software solution developed by Mobile Outfitters. The web-based solution offers everything retailers need to ensure an efficient and convenient order processing, fulfillment, and shipping process. It offers features like inventory management, shipping label creation, and customer communication all in one platform. Additionally, the web solution integrates with all major marketplaces, shipping services, and shopping carts. 

The Scopic Solution

To make order management and shipping easier, ShipStation reached out to Scopic. We developed the ShipStation Notifications tool, which enhances the wholesale order management process through tags. Once a tag is attached to a particular order, an email is automatically sent to the customer, notifying them about their order’s status. This ensures that you can easily reach out to your customers and update them on their order fulfillment in a matter of seconds. 

Skills Involved:

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