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StocksToTrade Web App

A web application designed for users to monitor stocks

Stay ahead of the game.

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The Challenge Summarized

Day trading can be a highly lucrative avenue with the proper experience and right tools. The challenge of this particular trading software development campaign was to make an application that can meet the demands of this fast-paced market.

The Vision Behind the App

Scopic has enjoyed a long-standing collaboration with StocksToTrade and developed the desktop and web versions of the app, with the mobile application currently in development. Another extension of the vision is to have embeddable web widgets. This string of evolving ideas and innovative spirit have powered the long-term relationship between Scopic and the client.

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The Scopic Solution

A light web version of a desktop application was designed for users to monitor stocks with full feed from the NASDAQ stock market. The web version was created by Scopic’s team from scratch to allow users to connect their real trading accounts through the application and trade on the market. Depending on the type of subscription, users may have different widgets available. Oracle, one of the most popular widgets available on the web version, uses algorithms to predict hot stocks for day traders.

In addition to Oracle, Scopic used several AWS solutions to implement the light web version. This included AWS ECS for application deployment and storage, AWS ElastiCache to reduce external data requests, and AWS Lambda & API Gateway for cost-effective serverless scaling. Data integrity and security are key to this type of application. To ensure the reliability of the database, we used AWS RDS with PostgreSQL and we further enhanced the security of the database by enabling encryption and leveraging the AWS KMS (Key Management Service), along with other measures that ensured robust protection. Cloudwatch configuration was also a requirement in this ever-changing domain, allowing us to track, troubleshoot, analyze system activity, and make strategic technical decisions.

The result was a notable reduction in server load, improved response times, enhanced security, and a scalable, cost-effective infrastructure. StocksToTrade now offers traders a resilient, secure, and scalable platform for efficient market analysis.

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