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Superior Blockchain Network Powered by a Proof of Stake Consensus

Mine & exchange crypto instantly, create NFTs & blockchain games. With its’ advanced Ariel Protocol, Petrachor is empowering powering DeFi to reach its limitless potential.

PEtrachor network cross platform development

The Challenge Summarized

Blockchain is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world. However, many mainstream Blockchains have a lot of problems precluding the masses from entering the industry:

• High gas fees
• Inefficient transaction processing
• High entry barriers
• Penalties for quitting the mining process
• Compatibility issues and smart contract development limitations

These problems have made many users wary of the limitations of different Blockchains. Thanks to Petrachor’s development superiority, it tackles the problems of limited scalability, security, and compatibility better than any other Blockchains

The Vision 

The founders of Petrachor wanted to create a scalable Blockchain network with low transaction fees and entry barriers, empowering millions of users worldwide to participate in the Blockchain industry. The project would help to push the Blockchain into the masses and create an efficient network for all of crypto-related needs. In 2019, the Petrachor network was launched with all the technical backbone in place. However, Petrachor founders were looking for experienced and trustworthy Blockchain developers and marketers. In their search for a reliable partner, they found Scopic.

vision of proof of stake blockchain platform

The Scopic Solution

Together with Petrachor, we created a web application and a website that enables users to tap into the Petrachor network from any device. The platform is intentionally simple and quick to navigate. Here are some of the many ways that Scopic helped Petrachor to improve and promote their network:

Digital Wallets: We’ve embedded automated wallet functionality from scratch.

Promotional Website: We’ve built a Petrachor marketing website to elevate lead acquisition

Investor Presentation: Scopic created appealing designs and put what makes Petrachor so special on paper for prospective investors.

Podcast features: Petrachor has been featured in multiple podcasts thanks to Scopic’s outreach efforts.


solutuion to blockchain development

Skills Involved:

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