Custom Telehealth Solutions to Take on the New Normal

Scopic’s telemedicine app development pros create HIPAA-compliant applications that allow physicians, specialists, and clinics to better compete in the new virtual world of medicine. Learn how we can help transform your and your patients’ experience with powerful telemedicine technology. 

How Telemedicine App Development Benefits You and Your Patients

The pandemic accelerated the need for reliable virtual medical assistance channels in the US and around the world. Telehealth has already saved lives and is on track to become the norm for healthcare. To continue providing quality care online, we must continue to produce and use first-rate technology.

With telehealth technology, healthcare professionals can:

Treat more patients in areas far and wide

Have more time for patients

Provide more affordable care

Provide a more pleasant patient experience

Decrease canceled appointments

Drive-up revenue

While patients can:

Be treated without any travel or waiting required

Reach specialists that may have been previously unreachable

Access more affordable healthcare options

Get treatment for rare conditions

Have safe, contactless appointments

Telemed Services That Make Providing Quality Virtual Care a Reality

We can design custom healthcare telemedicine custom software solutions that help private practitioners, clinics, psychologists, dermatologists, dieticians, and other specialty doctors provide exceptional care from anywhere around the globe. The most important part – we can build software that keeps your patients’ sensitive information secure at all times. The custom telehealth technology we build provides first-rate:

Data storage
Video appointments
Practice management

Keep all patient and practice documents, charts, photos, and prescriptions safe and all in the same place.

Properly diagnose and treat patients with high-quality video streaming that allows you to interact with patients as if they were sitting right in your office.

Automate your appointment scheduling, e-prescriptions, and patient monitoring tasks so no patient is left behind.

Emergency assistance
Patient portals

Provide emergency and natural disaster relief at any time with chat functions and immediate appointment scheduling for patients near and far.

Empower your patients to keep track of their own care with a patient portal that houses test results, educational materials, and prescriptions for easy, 24/7 access.

Choose Scopic as your custom telehealth solution provider to produce software that helps you offer the same level of bedside manner be it if you are in your office or online.

Deliver Quality Medical Care to Your Patients’ Front Door

Building a custom healthcare telemedicine solution allows you to pick and choose which features you need in your application. Some capabilities common to telemedicine app development include:


Online billing and payments

Online appointment booking

Virtual check-ups

Electronic medical records integration

Virtual diagnosis

High-quality video appointments

Secure document sharing

Insurance eligibility

Effective pre-screening

Automated appointment reminders

Wellness tracking

Detailed reporting

Cloud-based medical records

Remote patient monitoring

Real-time chat and communication

AI capabilities

At Scopic, we have a decade and a half of experience creating innovative medical applications that revolutionize the way doctors and dentists run their practices. We are the go-to developers for small to midsize businesses who want to build innovative, yet secure medical applications to get a leg up on the competition. Our custom telehealth solutions are known to be:

HIPAA-compliant to protect sensitive patient records

Cloud-based and scalable 

Convenient for both patients and practitioners

Engaging, intuitive, and easy-to-use

Time and money savers for you and your patients

We can help you build an application from scratch or integrate software to your already-existing medical practice management software. Whatever your specific need, we can build a custom telemedicine mobile app development solution for you!

A Look at Scopic’s Telehealth Solutions in Action

Kreo is a HIPAA-compliant telecommunications tool built by the Scopic team. It helps doctors interact with patients all around the world with advanced online video and chat functions. Our secure video technology enables users to seamlessly interact with clients and colleagues. KREO allows practitioners to:

Reach more patients

Provide more consistent continual care

Host appointments from anywhere

Provide a smoother patient experience

Get a quote for your custom solution!

The demand for telehealth solutions is only going to grow, so now is the perfect time to get started!

Set up an appointment with one of our telehealth technology specialists and together, we will create your business’s custom solution!

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