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The Hockey Coaching Challenge Summarized

Coaching involves directing the team during practices and games while motivating and providing guidance. In order to do so, hockey coaches apply drills and effective practice plans. These are essential in having a good field team. However, drills also require preliminary work in order to think of the proper strategies to transmit to the team. 

Coaches often use chalkboards and redraw their drills or write out their diagrams by hand on scraps of paper. This is time-consuming, inefficient and difficult to share. It may also affect the quality of the practices as they have no record of the previous plans. 

The Vision Behind the App

Founded in 2006, Hockey Coaching envisioned a more efficient future for coaches, teams, and people involved in hockey. They understood the challenges that the whole organizational process had in creating and communicating strategies on skill development. Hockey Coaching aimed at helping coaches create diagrams faster and better, in order to facilitate:

  • Team Management
  • Drills and Practices
  • Tournaments 

The company reached out to Scopic to work together on an automated solution. 


The Scopic Solution

Scopic designed and developed the Hockey Diagrammer platform using HTML5. It is an online drill diagrammer that lets coaches create consistent diagrams. It comes in two modes: Drawing and Animation. Through an intuitive drag and drop interface from any Flash-enabled Mac, PC or tablet, users are able to:

Pick the offense and defense objects 

Add action lines

Create patterns through the endpoints

Change colors

Unlimited group creation

And more!

The advanced functionalities ensured the tool’s convenience in drill creation, practice planning, and strategy sharing.

Skills Involved:

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