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The Custom Design Challenge Summarized

Construction is the process of converting imagination into reality. The quotation stage is when the architectural idea starts shaping up and it becomes essential for the project’s final product and costs to be mapped out.

Even though several meetings may take place to establish an effective plan of action, final decisions can be extremely hard to make. Customizing every renovation project to the specific needs of each client can be very challenging for construction specialists.

In addition, most builders are contacted through word of mouth or from recommendations, so it’s not always easy to know if you’ve been given the best deal until actually starting the project.

The Vision Behind the App

Hansen Buildings strive to be the industry leaders in providing post frame building kits as solutions to personal living, storage and agricultural needs. Offering great service is one of their main priorities.

Their aim is to guarantee the lowest priced kits with the same quality and features as competitors. If there is a quote at a lower price for the same building, they will match the price. Hansen Buildings aim to continuously improve upon the features they provide. Because of this, they approached Scopic regarding their latest provided floor plans and elevation drawings.

The Scopic Solution

This web application was developed to help users easily submit quotes for the construction of a new building. Its uniqueness comes from the UI and UX, which allows for the simple selection of materials as well as the accurate cost of construction based on architectural plans. The Scopic web team essentially redeveloped the old flash application into the modern HTML5 version.
The app was built using JavaScript, Design Creators and Builders to support it, getting custom-designed floor plans and elevation drawings for the barndominium, house or post frame house. At the same time, their platform aims to include step by step instructions in a fully illustrated manual and stamped engineered plans.

Skills Involved:

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