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Top Telehealth App Developers in 2024

by | April 8, 2024

In the past couple of years, telehealth has revolutionized the healthcare industry. It brought convenience and accessibility to patients all over the world.  

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote healthcare services have become more needed than ever. Telehealth spread further and wider, with a 154% increase in telehealth visits in the US from March 2019 to March 2020. 

All of this resulted in 1 apparent advancement – telehealth app developers became instrumental to clinics and healthcare providers. Ultimately, healthcare app development revolutionized the way medical care is delivered to patients. 

In this article, we’ll tell you all about telehealth app development, its future, and the top telehealth app developers in the field today. 

Telehealth App Development 

Before we dive into discussing the biggest players in the industry, let’s first understand the dynamics of telehealth app development. What is it about? What are its common challenges? 

At its core, telehealth app development refers to creating software solutions that make healthcare delivery possible. This includes the development of telemedicine platforms, remote patient monitoring systems, mHealth apps, and more. 

While the field is new and growing, there are already challenges and hurdles developers must overcome. Data security and regulations for patient privacy are already in place to protect all parties involved. 

Telehealth app developers like Scopic need to have deep-rooted expertise in healthcare tech, regulatory compliance, and UX design. All these combined can power the successful development, implementation, and use of telehealth solutions for clinics worldwide. 

Our Criteria for Evaluating Telehealth App Developers 

With years of work in the telehealth software sphere under our belt and a team of software experts, we believe that working with trusted and skilled telehealth app developers is key to success. We completely understand the intricacies of developing healthcare apps, and we’ve used this knowledge as a base for creating our list. 

Some criteria we used to select the top developers include: 

  • Expertise in healthcare tech. Do they have a proven track record in developing telehealth apps? 
  • Expertise in healthcare regulations (HIPAA, GDPR, etc.) 
  • Tech stack. Do they have integration capabilities and scalability?  
  • Cost efficiency. Do they offer a good balance of cost vs value? 
  • Client testimonials. What do their customers like most about them? 

Top 7 Telehealth App Developers 

Now that you know how we chose our top 7 telehealth app developers, let’s talk about each of them and help you choose your ideal match. 


telehealth app development scopic

Scopic is an award-winning telehealth app development company with years of experience in the market. With our wide tech stack and global team, we can work with all types of telehealth clients no matter their size, location, or niche.  

Headquarters Location: Marlborough, MA, United States

Notable Telehealth Apps Developed: 

  • MD AllyA Real-Time Telehealth Support App for Non-Critical Patients 
  • Medical Records Tracker Optimizing Medical Records, Their Security and Coordination 

Key Features:

  • Medical Imaging 
  • Real-Time Monitoring 
  • Cross-Platform Development 
  • Virtual Consultations 

Client Testimonials:

The top qualities that clients value in Scopic’s work include extensive tech capabilities, flexibility, time management, and productive collaboration.  

Read more Scopic reviews: 

Glorium Technologies

Glourium Technologies

Glorium Technologies is a solid software development company that likes to innovate and deliver the results they promise. After 12 years in the market, they usually work with startups and have a wide range of supported technologies. 

Headquarters Location: Princeton, New Jersey, United States

Notable Telehealth Apps Developed:  

  • BodyOPlatform for Health Tracking and Monitoring 
  • Doxy – A Streaming Solution for Healthcare 

Key Features 

  • Remote Patient Monitoring 
  • Long-Distance Diagnostics 
  • Electronic Health Records 
  • Pharmacy Management 

Client Testimonials 



Matellio is a software development company that supports AI, ML, IoT, SaaS, Cloud, and many other solutions. Overall, the company specializes in software development consultations and bringing new ideas to life. 

Headquarters Location: San Jose, California, United States 

Notable Telehealth Apps Developed:  

Key Features:  

  • Patient Data Monitoring 
  • Augmented Reality 
  • Cross-Platform App Development 

Client Testimonials: 



VCDoctor is a specialized telemedicine software developer that is compliant with many industry standards, including HIPAA, DHA, and more. The company provides white-label solutions along with API support, cloud software, etc. 

Headquarters Location: Corona, California, United States 

Notable Telehealth Apps Developed 

Key Features:  

  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning 
  • Healthcare Bots 
  • Chronic Care Management 

Client Testimonials: 



ScienceSoft is a software development company that offers telehealth solutions to digital healthcare startups, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and more. They deliver full-scale solutions from healthcare IT consulting to cybersecurity and compliance. 

Headquarters Location: McKinney, Texas, United States 

Notable Telehealth Apps Developed 

Key Features 

  • Wearable data tracking and management 
  • Electronic Health Records 
  • Remote Patient Monitoring 

Client Testimonials: 



Intersog is a skilled custom software development agency that delivers AI-powered solutions and custom software in healthcare, big data, IoT, and other spheres. 

Headquarters Location: Chicago, IL, United States 

Notable Telehealth Apps Developed:  

Key Features:  

  • Integrating Electronic Health Record Solutions 
  • Developing Video Conferencing Software 
  • Building Cloud-Based Telemedicine Apps 

Client Testimonials: 



Interexy is the last top telehealth developer on our list. Its agile approach to projects, wide tech stack, and industry coverage work together to make this company a good option as a potential partner. 

Headquarters Location: Miami, FL, United States 

Notable Telehealth Apps Developed 

Key Features 

  • Artificial Intelligence Solutions 
  • Web App Development 
  • Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Software 

Client Testimonials: 

Future Trends in Telehealth App Development 

As we look ahead into the future of telehealth app development, we see just a few key technologies that will continue revolutionizing this field.  

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will undoubtedly leave an impact.  

Personalization is on the horizon, and healthcare will become more and more proactive as telehealth app development continues to grow. 

Additionally, telehealth apps will bring a whole new dynamic to patient engagement. 

All these changes will share the future of telehealth apps and bring a completely new approach to how healthcare is delivered. Medical care will stop fitting into a “one-size-fits-all” model and become more about the individual. Ultimately, telehealth app developers will be the catalysts of this revolution. 


The role of telehealth app developers in modern healthcare can’t be overstated. Through cutting-edge tech and adherence to strict regulatory standards, these companies can make healthcare more accessible, efficient, and patient-centric. 

As healthcare professionals and clinics are introduced to this new landscape of medicine, it’s clear that choosing the right telehealth app developer as a partner is a must. 

Remember that the right telehealth app developers will tailor your telehealth solution to your specific needs and make sure that the tech works for you, not the other way around. 

If you’re looking to explore innovative healthcare solutions for your practice and need a reliable telehealth app development company, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

About Creating Top Telehealth App Developers Guide

This guide was authored by Anzhela Poghosyan, Marketing Specialist at Scopic.

Scopic provides quality and informative content, powered by our deep-rooted expertise in software development. Our team of content writers and experts have great knowledge in the latest software technologies, allowing them to break down even the most complex topics in the field. They also know how to tackle topics from a wide range of industries, capture their essence, and deliver valuable content across all digital platforms.

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