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The Challenge  

First impressions are crucial, especially when it comes to presenting and managing visual content. In today’s world, creators have to manage a huge amount of content, which can quickly become very confusing and chaotic.

But not to worry, Picflow is here to change it all!    

The Vision  

Picflow helps all kinds of visual content creators share their content in a more efficient and beautiful way. It also helps improve customer experience and saves lots of time on organizing and managing all your images.

The Scopic Solution

To create the platform, Picflow united forces with Scopic. We designed 5 functional Picflow products to create solutions tailored to a few specific use cases. These include:


Gallery Designer

This solution helps you create beautiful client galleries that you can customize with ease

Advanced Mode

This mode unlocks all advanced features like review filters, export tools, and selective downloads

Feature Index

This feature-rich tool helps you organize and manage your creative workflows

Review & Approvals

Picflow can also help you accelerate your approval processes and easily track client reviews

Real Estate

This tool helps you manage and deliver real estate photography and virtual tours

We then kept the app growing and socially active by developing a fitness social network with a newsfeed built into the product. This enhanced user interaction and gave FitStation members the ability to create their own tribes.

Skills Involved:

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