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The ultimate digital signage and communication solutions for the real estate industry

Automatic, integrated, and seamless

The Challenge  

In real estate management, communication between property managers and tenants has long been an area ripe for improvement. Traditional methods often need more efficiency and help to keep up with the modern pace of life. Finding a solution that streamlines communication processes while offering flexibility and adaptability to various property types is paramount.

The Vision  

Picler is a Swedish company at the forefront of digital communication solutions for the real estate sector. Picler’s flagship offering, PicFlow, envisions a future where digital communication in the real estate industry is seamless and intuitive. They see a world where property managers can effortlessly communicate information to tenants, where updates on community events, maintenance schedules, and important notices are just a glance away. Their vision extends beyond mere convenience; it’s about fostering more robust connections between property managers and tenants, enhancing community engagement, and ultimately improving the overall living experience.

The Scopic Solution

To create this integrated platform, Picflow joined forces with Scopic. The solution crafted for Picler’s Picflow offering was multifaceted, encompassing layout design, content management, seamless integration of 3rd party APIs for traffic, weather, and RSS feeds, and real-time remote screen monitoring and control features. Additionally, the solution incorporated robust licensing mechanisms and efficient account and organization management systems. Tailored specifically for Picler, this solution aimed to enhance the platform’s functionality and user experience.

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