Audio Compiler

The program that’s bringing a new dimension to sounds

Unlock your dream compilations. Let your audios speak volumes.

The Artists’ Challenge

Whether as a hobby or for work, many people need to edit audios. However, without the right software or know-how, many budding artists and music enthusiasts spend pointless hours trying to trim, add effects and combine different audio files to achieve the dream sounds they envisioned.

The Audio Editing Vision

The founders of the Audio Compiler were keen to facilitate this creative process by empowering hobbyists and musicians alike, with the tools they need to create, edit and mix great sounds.

The Scopic Solution

Joining forces with software development company Scopic, this vision was turned into reality. Using C++, Qt and other technologies, our innovative developers worked hard to build as many editing options as possible into this audio-creating software.

Users can now perform a number of editing tasks, such as trimming files, adding effects and transitions, and combining several audio files into one. With its user-friendly and intuitive interface, editing audio has never been so easy and efficient.

Skills Involved:

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