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Powering your crypto with a decentralized marketplace

The Challenge 

Having a crypto marketplace requires the implementation of several important features:

1) A highly responsive website that caters to the buying and selling needs of crypto owners. This may include selling, trading, and viewing updated rates of the cryptocurrency being used.

2) An interactive and easy-to-use interface that reflects the dynamic nature of the Bitcoin industry.

3) Advanced security measures to meet the strong security standard benchmark of the crypto market. Cryptocurrency is considered to be a huge financial asset in the online world and it is therefore, vital to gain and uphold your users’ trust.

The Vision

The founders of the OmniBazaar marketplace envisioned a dynamic website where people could barter a product or service without a bank account or credit card and immediately receive OmniCoins, Bitcoins or Ether.

They wanted a huge decentralized crypto marketplace that would be able to serve over two billion people with a registered user base of 10,000 crypto owners. They were on a mission to empower users to buy, trade, and sell their cryptocurrencies on this soon to be made website. This would allow online buyers to benefit from lower prices and escape the headache of “big data” tracking and “push” marketing. They also hoped for extremely high levels of security standards to be put in place to ensure no fraudulent activities would occur in their online marketplace.

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The Solution

With Scopic’s expert team of C++ programmers and software developers on board, we listened to the Omnicoin vision and began developing a patented “peer-to-peer-to-peer” solution for Windows, Mac, and Linux. We pride ourselves in building the ultimate crypto eCommerce marketplace to rival eBay and Amazon. 

By blending existing technology like C++, Java, NodeJS and the revolutionary blockchain, not only did we change the codebase from Bitshares 0.9.3(c) to Bitshares 2.0, but we also designed, developed and integrated a new user interface with Javascript. Our teams continue to work together to further optimize and implement additional features and adapt to the ever-evolving crypto marketplace.

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