PowerCrust Algorithm

Generate surfaces from data points captured from real objects

Visualize. Measure. Conceptualize.

PowerCrust-Algorithm main

The Calculator Algorhitm Challenge 

The challenge with algorithms that are set to calculate a certain surface or area is to accurately gather and analyze all the relevant data to be able to produce an accurate image.

The Vision Behind the App

The company behind the algorithm envisioned a tool that would use laser range scanners and other computer vision techniques to gather data and convert it into a surface image.

PowerCrust-Algorithm vision

The Scopic Solution

PowerCrust is one of Scopic’s desktop application examples used for generating surfaces from data points captured from real objects, often by laser range scanners but also by hand-held digitizers, computer vision techniques, edge detection from medical images, or other technologies. Industrial applications include reverse engineering, product design, and the construction of personalized medical appliances.

PowerCrust-Algorithm solution

Skills Involved:

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