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Houston Pump and Gear

Repair and restoration of pumps and gearboxes

Increase the longevity and efficiency of your equipment

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The Challenge Summarized

Gearboxes are becoming more important wherever power transfer is required: in airplanes, helicopters, automobiles, marine vessels, and wind turbines. The companies taking advantage of the use of industrial gearboxes are benefiting from lower costs, better efficiency, torque multiplication, and reduced environmental footprints.

To achieve maximum efficiency, gearboxes need to receive regular maintenance and repair services. However, finding a reliable company that has expertise in restoring, upgrading, or reverse engineering gearboxes can prove to be a challenge.


The Vision 

Houston Pump and Gear specializes in the repair, restoration, and upgrade of gearboxes, pumps, compressors, centrifuges, turbines, and blowers. The company has been on the market for the past 20 years, helping increase the longevity and efficiency of various professional equipment. 

Houston Pump and Gear, a B2B business targeting with a minimum of $5000 spend to engage with clients, offers extensive warranties, affordable pricing, and unmatched turnaround time. They wanted to build a website that clearly communicated the benefits of their services to potential customers and garnered organic traffic to their site. 

Vision creating SEO optimized manufactuyring website and content for it

The Scopic Solution

Houston Pump and Gear reached out to Scopic in hopes of getting more qualified traffic and conversions on their website. Our team helped them with creating a few Google ads campaigns to increase leads, created new service pages and updated old ones with a full redesign and SEO-friendly copywriting. In just 4 months, Scopic’s SEO and Digital Marketing team:

Increased organic traffic to the website by over 400%. 

Increased the number of keywords for which the company ranks from 22 to 140 keywords.

Increased the average keyword position on SERP by 16.55 positions.

 Brought 10 highly specific service-related queries to the first page of Google.

 Scored 95 brand new backlinks from respectable sources with established domain authority.

Crafted professionally written blogposts and established 2 copywriting partnerships with some of the industry’s most authoritative blogs.

 Lowered the overall cost per click by 13.40% for Google ads campaigns.

Increased the conversion rate by 45.54% for Google ads campaigns.

These efforts, masterfully executed by Scopic, helped boost Houston Pump and Gear’s online presence and bring more qualified traffic to its website. To this day, Houston Pump and Gear is steadily gaining traction in its niche market.


Scopic Copywriting and SEO Solution for Houston Pump and Gear

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