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The Challenge Summarized

Medical imaging reports can be difficult to read, and they are usually written for other medical professionals and not for the general public. Wouldn’t it be helpful if radiologists could take a look at the images and explain them to you in plain language? Together with Scopic, Mediphany created a cross-platform application that does exactly that, but the new challenge was to effectively raise awareness about the Mediphany services, drive the audience to the website and increase the number of users. Mediphany creators hired Scopic to devise an effective HIPAA-compliant marketing strategy and create a promotional website that would present the Mediphany platform in the best light.

The Vision

Mediphany (Medical + Epiphany) is a medical imaging software that helps patients read their MRI and CTI scans effectively with the guidance of qualified radiology professionals. The creators needed a strong marketing team to promote the application, and that’s how they found Scopic. Together with our professional marketers, the team managed to popularize the application and grow their user base substantially. 

Mediphany radiology imaging app desktop screenshot

The Scopic Solution

Not only Scopic helped Mediphany create powerful radiology software, but we also devised an actionable marketing strategy that helped the creators grow their user base. The formula was pretty simple: we first created captivating tutorial videos, that drew more attention to application functionality, and promoted it through a YouTube channel that we managed. Second, we optimized the Mediphany website for SEO and optimized the layout to bring more conversions (based on user data). To put a cherry on top of the cake – we have created and managed Mediphany’s paid ads campaigns, achieving impressive metrics and strong ROI. In essence, we helped Mediphany grow their brand in the following ways: 

Promotional Website

SEO Optimization, Development & Design 

Google Ads

Stable 2.10% Click-Through Rate, Low $0.80 Cost-Per-Click 

Conversion Tracking

Instalation of tracking codes, conversion rate optimization

Youtube Marketing

 Video Creation and Youtube Channel Management 

Skills Involved:

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