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The Literary Challenge Summarized

When reading a book we discover a whole new world. What’s limiting is that we can’t always share the experience with others, discuss the details and exchange opinions. Moreover, when turning to the last page of a book, we often don’t want the journey to end. We long to bring the characters back to life by exploring their hidden depths, and delving into the underlying themes presented by the author.

So wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a special platform for sharing thoughts with like minded book lovers?

The Vision Behind the Platform

When the founder of Name a Book overcame personal challenges by reading books and fueling his mind, he decided to build a community of fellow bookworms. Seeking to instil the habit of regular active reading in all members, he began to build upon his idea. This new community would be dedicated to discovering, sharing and analyzing different books packed with purposeful and powerful information. That was when he reached out to Scopic to create a website and make this community as accessible as possible to all literary enthusiasts.

The Scopic Solution

Name a Book joined forces with Scopic to create, design and market a website that would serve as a platform to build their community. When partnering with Name a Book, our digital marketing professionals began by implementing a strategy that involved activities such as:

Creative Social Media Marketing

Smart Search Engine Optimization

Optimized Landing Page Creation

Scopic’s team put their SEO and copywriting skills to work to reach the mission of enhancing the website’s traffic. Next, we created a social media plan to post, grow and engage with their users. We then designed and wrote an e-book for the company to capture new audiences and bring in more leads.

Skills Involved:

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