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Your All-in-one Task Management Software to Maximize Productivity

Move Ideas Forward Faster.

The Task Management Challenge

Managing a team is a challenge. Managing a remote team is even harder. But it doesn’t matter how attentive or involved you are in every little project your team has, it’s impossible to be everywhere at once. That’s why we use task management software. However, the options on the market always seem to be lacking something: some are not cloud based, some don’t have full chat cooperation, some don’t give you the options of co-editing or easy file sharing.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an all-in-one task management software that covered all areas of your business?

The Vision Behind the Platform

And so Teamly was created. The founder wanted to bring task management software to life by providing a simplified way to plan and organize projects, to-do lists, work priorities, calendars and workflows. He also hoped the tool could be used to track and analyze current projects from start to finish, manage files, tools or data, and keep team discussions in one place. So he reached out to Scopic with the goal of creating a task management solution that would take the headache out of managing tasks.

The Scopic Solution

Teamly chose Scopic as their preferred software development company and the two began working to reach the founder’s goals. The Teamly founder also chose to work with our SEO specialists and digital marketers, who performed services such as keyword and competition research and created an SEO strategy that was later implemented on Teamly’s website.

Scopic’s native-English copywriters created engaging website copy with call-to-actions designed for lead capturing and engagement. Some of our activities included:

Optimized Landing Page Creation

Smart Search Engine Optimization
Native-English Copywriting
The SEO strategy paid off, and after just 3-4 months we got the following results: Teamly’s website now ranks on the top 10 of the first page on Google for a highly competitive keyword that has over 250 million results. With the right techniques and the support of a full-service digital marketing agency, Teamly shared their powerful task management software with their target market and significantly boosted brand awareness in no time at all!

Skills Involved:

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