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A Trip to the Zoo

Make a Trip To The Zoo Without Moving From Your Seat

Learning About Animal Kingdoms and All Its Wonders

The Zoo Challenge

Many people enjoy visiting zoos, connecting with animals, and learning about the wonders of the world. But a trip to the zoo comes with a lot of unchartered territories and questions like how many types of species are there, and where are the nearest exhibits may come about.

Maybe you wanted to see a cobra snake, but is there one in your nearest zoo? Perhaps the snake is not there but in another wildlife park just 30 minutes away. There just wasn’t a single place where one could view information about all of the zoos and their information in a single place.

The Vision Behind the App

That’s exactly what the visionaries at A Trip to the Zoo had in mind – a place where people could find information about all the zoos in the world. From types of animals and their species to types and numbers of exhibits. The founder wanted to make the information about every zoo accessible to people, making sure everyone is informed before they visit wildlife parks. With that mission, he reached out to Scopic to create a mobile application that would contain all the information and more.

The Scopic Solution

A Trip to the Zoo partnered with Scopic to build, design and release its iOS mobile application, making sure it’s responsive and easy to use. When creating the app, our specialists began with activities such as:
Smart Search Engine Optimization
Native-English Copywriting
Mobile App Design
iOS App Development
Google Maps/Earth API
And more!
We then continued working with A Trip to the Zoo and integrated Google Maps (Earth API), so that users can easily find zoos by searching their location and getting the information they were looking for.

Skills Involved:

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