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The App That Makes The Artistic and Thorough Surgical Work Easier

Fast. Efficient. Thorough.

The Surgical Planning Challenge

Surgical planning, exploring and fine-tuning can be a challenge without a software to support the work. When MedCAD biomedical engineers develop a surgeon’s plan, there’s a need for an application, where they can easily make their work available for surgeons.

The market was in need of a solution that would make the manufacturing of custom medical devices fast and efficient.

The Vision Behind the App

And so the AccuPlan app came to life, making it possible for surgeons to fully explore, fine tune, and submit approvals to their orthognathic, craniofacial or cranial implant planning. These approvals facilitate fast and efficient manufacturing of custom medical devices. Moreover, the founder had a vision of creating a virtual prescription pad for any custom cranio-maxillofacial or orthognathic procedure that required surgical planning. So he joined forces with Scopic to build an application that will be not only a viewer for the evaluation of a surgical plan submitted to MedCAD, but it will also be a tool for case submission, commentary and approval.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic, as a medical software development company, partnered with AccuPlan to build and design an iOS application that would revolutionize the way surgical plans are submitted. The solution came to life with cross platform application development, geometric algorithms, 3D, C++ and other tools. When creating the app some of our activities involved:

iOS Application Development

Cross Platform Development

Native and Cross Platform SDKs

3D and Ogre 3D

Native-English Copywriting

Responsive Design

We then continued working on making the mobile app responsive for all devices. AccuPlan is now available for iOS users and is making the manufacturing of custom medical devices more efficient.

Skills Involved:

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