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Called Out

The Social Platform That Encourages Competition and Fun Challenges

Connect. Share Media. Take Challenges. Earn Rewards

The Entertainment Challenge

Keeping yourself entertained can be a challenge when your friends and family are not around. Of course, there are social media platforms where you can browse through and check out what your friends or influencers are up to, but it can be difficult to make a real connection with them. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a social media platform that would enable users to take challenges, play games and earn rewards? 

The Vision Behind the App

Called Out aims to have users challenge their friends to anything, and share the results on social media. The founder wanted to build a platform that would allow users to engage and compete with any person or business. Moreover, the app would drive social competition with fun challenges that encourage people to connect, share media, and earn rewards by completing sponsored challenges. Scopic provided its mobile app development services to create Called Out and bring fun to people’s lives in a more interactive way.

The Scopic Solution

Called Out joined forces with Scopic to build and design a social platform where users can engage and compete with their friends, be part of social competition and fun challenges, and win rewards. When creating the platform some of our activities involved: 

iOS Application Development

iOS Application Development

Native-English Copywriting

Responsive Design

Agile Development

And more!

Scopic’s development team crafted this software from an abstract idea into a functional and feature-filled app, including PHP and MySQL tools that allow admins to advertise top challenges.

Skills Involved:

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