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CNKT Mobile App

An App Created Entirely for
Sharing Views and Opinions

Freely share your opinions without the guilt.


The Opinion Sharing Challenge Summarized


Social media has vastly evolved over the years. It’s become a place where we share almost anything and everything with our family, friends, and followers. Recently, social media has become a go-to source for people to air their dirty laundry as well as share opinions or beliefs about current topics. When this happens, they can be confronted with debates from their communities.

The challenge then becomes, are these the right platforms for people to express their thoughts on these topics? Many would argue yes, why not, while others would answer no. Thus, a safe space was required where people could voice their ideas and freely discuss topics with like-minded users without causing a stir or feeling unaccepted for their thinking.

The Vision Behind the App

CNKT wanted to create an app devoted to helping people share their way of thinking and opinions judgement-free.
They envisioned the app as a go-to source for American users to freely discuss real issues or topics. An app where community input would be valued and appreciated without interrupting the light-hearted feel of other social streams.

With this specific forum app in mind, CNKT contacted Scopic’s development team to bring their idea into existence.

The Scopic Solution

Our team of developers worked closely with CNKT to create this new kind of social platform. The app was designed to provide American users with a safe space to ask and answer questions. Everything from climate change to upcoming fashion trends can be discussed with other passionate, community members.

We developed the app to include images, videos, text, and word clouds to create a query related to any topic or to reply to pre-existing queries. The application was built using MySQL and HTML5 Canvas and allows access to Payoneer.

Skills Involved:

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