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Datability Mobile App

The app that encourages student progress based on well-managed data

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The IEP Challenge Summarized

The Individualized Education Plan is a program created for children with an identified disability. It is an informative test regarding what the child should focus on and improve upon, which is decisive for their education and future mental health.

However, there are a lot of burdens when it comes to its implementation. Not all schools are capable of providing this test because IEP is time-consuming and learning institutions may lack campus psychologists to perform the exams.

Thus teachers need to manually keep track of every student, archiving results for multiple IEPs from different third-party providers. Proper organization and follow-ups on this information allow teachers to come up with the right strategy for each child individually but it becomes difficult to do so.

The Vision Behind the App

The Datability company was founded by a veteran special education teacher. Being aware of the struggles children with special needs went through, he sought for a solution. The teacher aimed at producing ways for him to keep and use data concerning the children both as a record and as a way of structuring future strategies. Later on, he envisioned this could be applicable to the system as a whole and to every student, no criteria needed.

So, he contacted Scopic and worked together on a solution that would make teachers’ and children’s lives easier.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic created Datability as a data collection and reporting tool for educators and school personnel. The application serves for recording student data and supporting individual educational plans. Within its easy-to-use design, our mobile experts made recording and accessing useful data clean and straightforward. Screens and options appear in an intuitive order. Where appropriate, options are selected from a drop-down list. Where a more open-ended entry is needed, the on-screen keyboard is used and fits in well with the display as it does not obscure any of the useful information or options.

The child’s IEP goals are easily imported into Datability. The app also sends reminders when it is time to collect data again, which improves compliance. Datability generates concise student data reports that include:

Skills Involved:

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