Feeder Vu

A realistic feeding and learning experience for bird enthusiasts

Enjoy bird feeding and watching no matter where you are!

The Challenge Summarized

Bird enthusiasts are fascinated by typical behaviors of birds, as well as their breed differences. You will find them trying to feed and interact with the birds in parks and backyards. However, there are many types of wild birds in remote habitats, that can only be observed via videos or photos. These means do not allow for much interaction with the birds, like feeding for instance

The Vision Behind the App

Being aware of this challenge, the company aimed to create a way where bird-lovers could enjoy every single detail of these beautiful creatures. Bird enthusiasts could learn more fun facts, and in the meantime they could also feel like they were watching them in person. In order to achieve this goal, it had to be done in a very realistic manner.
So, they worked together with Scopic on a solution.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic built Feeder Vu, a user-friendly and responsive mobile application. This is the first realistic 3D virtual bird feeder app in the Apple App Store. Users are able to customize their bird feeder and admire the intricate details and natural behaviors of the birds. Tapping on particular birds provides additional information on them. The app also allows enthusiasts to virtually add bird feeders in different locations within the U.S. and choose the bird species they’d like to feed.

Skills Involved:

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