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The Makeup Challenge Summarized

Rapid development in technology has led to promising changes in a number of industries, including cosmetics. Many people are turning to online makeup tools to enhance their skills and keep up with the latest trends. However, there is a lack of attention towards detail that tends to make these tools unrealistic.

Some provide a bunch of random pictures that the user can swipe through, some don’t have enough variety in the products they offer, while others have low quality visuals that create a negative user experience.

The Vision Behind the App

The founders of iMakeup booth value all sorts of art forms. Keen to use their artistic eye in the cosmetic field, they sought to facilitate stylish makeup choices. They aimed to provide users with fun ways to explore the world of makeup, giving them the chance to experiment before purchasing expensive products.
iMakeup booth’s vision focused on giving users an improved solution amongst all the growing alternatives for makeup apps. With this in mind, they approached Scopic to professionally develop their idea into a mobile application.

The Scopic Solution

The Scopic team developed the iMakeup booth app for iOS. They focused on building user-friendly and intuitive features. So how does it work? Users can simply take a picture looking directly into the camera. They are then given the option to apply whichever makeup look and products they want to try out. With an appealing variety of products at their disposal, all makeup-enthusiasts can quickly change between colors and looks.

This popular application is now used by many to hone in on what makes them look really amazing. Time and money is saved as consumers test out the latest trends before deciding what products are worth purchasing.

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