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Paint By Hand

The Mobile App That Lets Adults and Children Draw and Paint Creatively

Get creative with no boundaries!

The Challenge of Painting Summarized

Everyone, both adults and children, need a way to unwind and get creative from time to time. Painting or drawing without any boundaries helps people get motivated and let their creative juices flow.

Whether it’s for pleasure, fun, or learning, drawing can be a good way for people to bring out their emotions and transform them into something visual. Drawing also helps improve hand-eye coordination, which is important for children.

But sometimes, using pencils, markers or watercolor becomes too messy and time-consuming.

The Vision Behind the App

PaintByHand was inspired by the ideas of creativity and freedom. The founder wanted to create a mobile app for both adults and children, where they could draw and paint with no boundaries. The app would let the users choose colors, brush styles, and sizes, so they would be able to get as creative as they want and craft something beautiful. So he joined forces with Scopic to bring PaintByHand mobile app to life.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic, with its mobile app development services, helped build PaintByHand mobile app for iOS users. Our coders added features such as choosing different brush styles and sizes to the app to make sure users can get as creative as they want.

The mobile app is available only for iOS users. Today, everyone can enjoy drawing or paint with PainByHand: the more one draws, the better their brain, your eyes, and your hands harmonize.

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