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Rokket Med

The app that’s allowing users to take back control of their healthcare choices

Healthcare services at the palm of your hands.

The Healthcare Challenge Summarized

When it comes to healthcare providers, the options are limitless, so where to start? We have all had a hard time gathering information about possible providers at some point in our lives. Due to the large volume of providers, making these decisions can be quite challenging. The source of this information also becomes an issue.

Making more informed decisions about health or medical products and health providers becomes a decisive factor in living a healthy life. The more this process is facilitated in terms of who gives that information, how the needs are met, and how much the customers spend on healthcare services, the higher standards of living we are able to achieve.

The Vision Behind the App

RokketMed’s goal was to create an online marketplace where consumers could shop for health care services. With such a tool, they would help consumers gather information about various providers available and visit the one that would be most suitable for their needs. This would allow regular healthcare consumers to find all the information they needed within a single source.

The idea was very clear from the beginning. The new site was to use an aggregator delivery model so that customers were provided with the location, price, and patient review of each product. Thus, RokketMed approached Scopic searching for healthcare software development services that would bring them closer to fulfilling this inspiring vision.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic’s team designed and marketed the RokketMed cross-platform mobile application for iOS and Android users. The app simplifies the finding process of nearby services by providing clear navigation into categories. Other intuitive features include:

Viewing other clinics in the surrounding area

Providing with informative articles

Showing treatments and available providers

Picking the right walk-in or virtual clinic for the specific needs

Making appointments simply by tapping one button

And more!

The mobile app’s interface is very user-friendly so the user can get the full convenience experience.

Skills Involved:

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