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The Dental Image Challenge

Taking high-quality pictures of a patient’s teeth to use in shade processing cases can be a challenge. Finding secure ways to share these images with colleagues or sending them to your office to store the files and keep the data safe can also be difficult for dentists. Using an iPhone to take a snap is not the best choice: the colors don’t come out right. On top of that, dentists don’t want to keep these files on their personal phones – they can easily get lost and mixed up, making the process of identifying each patient’s images tricky.

There has to be an easier way.

The Vision Behind the App

ShadeWave’s mobile app for iOS users was created on a mission to simplify the challenge for dentists. The founder had a vision of creating an app that would instruct the iPhone camera to produce its very best performance for macro and portrait dental or medical photography. There would be three modes optimizing: Shade, Portrait and Intraoral. So he reached out to Scopic to build a mobile app that would help dentists store files, include shade tabs in the pictures, and create cases for each client – all from the convenience of their phone.

The Scopic Solution

ShadeWave joined forces with Scopic, well-known in the industry as a healthcare software development company, to build, design and market iOS mobile app for dentists. Since the solution was very specific, software like dental photography, intraoral photography and dental shade matching were used during the process of creation. Some of our activities for creation this dental imaging software involved:

iOS Application Development

SWIFT System Integration

Native-English Copywriting

Responsive Design

UI Design

UX Design

We then continued working with ShadeWave to enhance the user experience by designing a user-friendly interface. Later on, we integrated a fix with voice commands, to make the whole process of dental and medical image creation even easier and faster than before.

Skills Involved:

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