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Talking Anya

Dress Anya up and pet puppies without ever getting bored

Joyful and adorable to play with.

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The Entertainment Challenge Summarized

When kids are playing, they get lost in the world of entertainment. Mobiles have adapted to this world through numerous apps. However, a child can get distracted just as easily as it can have fun.

So, it becomes challenging to offer a game that sticks. Kids want lots of colors, realistic effects, and unpredictable activities going on. Current amusements often tend to be repetitive and boring.

The Vision Behind the App

Sprite Labs’ vision was to focus on graphics and animation development to make a game appealing to children of different ages. They aimed to enrich it with several visual and vocal effects, custom outfits, hairstyles, games, and activities. By paying attention to every detail, they would get closer to the perfect game for kids. In order to achieve these types of realistic interactions, they contacted Scopic.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic developed the Talking Anya app. Anya is a joyful animated character. She loves playing with kids, dressing up differently, dancing, and blowing bubbles. Our animation experts provided Talking Anya with a multiplayer mode, just by getting two devices close to each other. The character provides numerous realistic interactions such as:

Hula Hoop: Move the phone in circles when she is holding the hoop to twirl it 

Heart: Anya will tell you, “I love You”. But she will cry if you tap to break the heart 

Catch falling flowers. Make sure to avoid the bugs and spiders that come your way!

Tap her feet and Anya does a dance.

“Tap tap tap” or swipe her belly to tickle her.

And more!

The user-friendly application encaptures the kid’s attention and never lets it go. Available on AppStore.

Skills Involved:

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