Telecommunications Field-Tracker

A cost-effective solution for telecom that optimizes HR operations

Increase employee’s feedback and reliability.

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The Redundancy Challenge Summarized

Telecommunication businesses are struggling to find ways to make their labor-intensive and tedious business processes easier, faster, and more efficient. There are a lot of operational and administrative jobs that can become costly and time-consuming. Employees need to have their tasks assigned daily or weekly. And as communication campaigns change, it also gets difficult to track each result and feedback.

The Vision Behind the App

The company believed that businesses in the telecommunication industry would embrace automation as a way to respond to constant change and reliable data tracking. They aimed at offering a solution that would drive operational effectiveness, so that customer service would be prioritized without risking time and money.

So, they reached out to Scopic and decided to bring this idea to life.

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The Scopic Solution

Scopic’s mobile experts built an application for iOS and Android devices, designed for people who work in the telecommunication industry and have to provide feedback about the work they have completed. The platform helps to automate the processes of importing jobs and tasks, logging results, and exporting end-of-shift reports. Telecommunications Field-Tracker removes all the redundant steps from traditional processes. Our team designed and developed the application from scratch using the ionic framework with Quickbase and Laravel.

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