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3D Logo Mapping

Customization through logo mapping

Personalize merchandise with your own logo.

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The Custom Logo Design Challenge 

Typically, if you want merchandise to be customized with a specific logo or text, you have to go through a third-party to design renderings for you. While this can be a viable way to create, it doesn’t give the person trying to design the merchandise much control over the layout or look of their desired product. This can also be a time-consuming task with some back-and-forth between design companies and clients.

The Vision Behind the App

The company behind 3D Logo Mapping saw the potential for a more custom solution to this challenge. They envisioned an app where the user could place the logo exactly where they’d like it on merchandise (a t-shirt or mug, for example). They also wanted the user of their app to be able to customize objects further with added text – choosing the size and style of font they preferred.

With their custom app in mind, they approached Scopic’s team of developers to help create the software.

3DLogoMapping vision

The Scopic Solution

Following the creative ideas of the vision, our team of developers built the 3D Logo Mapping software with the final user in mind. The application was created in a way that would easily allow the user to fully visualize what an object or piece of merchandise would look like with company colors, logos, and text on it.

We created the 3D portion of the app to allow the user to rotate the object on the screen to help them see all aspects of the item. Visualizing it in 3D gives users a better understanding of how a logo or image might wrap around certain pieces instead of having a flat view of it. 3D mapping allows the customer to be as creative as they’d like.

3DLogoMapping solution

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