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The SEO Challenge Summarized

Software development processes deal with a lot of changes into the code, feedback from employees of different positions, reviews and commits. Not having collective access to the code can create a lot of issues. There may be a lack of organization due to the redundant work. In addition, if this information is not centralized employees can lose a lot of time in different message threads, and get stuck in a limbo.

The Vision Behind the App

Scopic puts great importance on the qualitative internal tools that help its employees stay digitally connected. These achieve smooth workflows and high-standard efficiency when it comes to analysing our developers’ work. So, we decided to put our usage of Beanstalk to the next level and improve the way we decide on timelines, rounds, and minimal requirements for submitting code review requests.

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The Scopic Solution

Scopic created Beanstalk dashboard, a tool using information from Beanstalk for code commits, code reviews per resource and project. Its purpose is to enable management and operations with high level information across the board.

Reviewed Projects

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Code Issues

Reviewer Approval Rate

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