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ByteMe 3D Treatment Viewer

Digital impressions for effective treatment plans

Easily display and analyze 3D teeth impressions.


The Dental Impressions Challenge 

Digital impressions are the recent technology used for capturing a replica of a patient’s mouth. With such dental 3d software, dentists can generate a virtual model of the mouth’s hard and soft tissues. These replicas usually have higher accuracy than molds and can be sent to labs where dentures, bridges, and retainers can be created accurately and quickly. Digital impressions also provide a more comfortable patient experience compared to using traditional mold material.

The Vision Behind the App

ByteMe is an exclusive teledentistry platform that unites a nationwide network of licensed dentists and orthodontics. ByteMe was looking for a reliable software development partner to build a new 3D application for their platform. They envisioned an app that would store and display 3D teeth impressions and help doctors oversee dental treatments in patients looking to straighten their teeth. They turned to Scopic to turn their vision into reality.


The Scopic Solution

Scopic helped build the 3D Treatment Viewer, part of ByteMe’s teledentistry platform. The app displays 3D files that allow dentists and orthodontists to thoroughly analyze each patient’s teeth impressions and store the information related to patient history. Based on this data, doctors can create safe and effective treatment plans that help fix patients’ mild to moderate teeth spacing and crowding issues.

3D Treatment Viewer is packed with handy features, including:

3D scanning and software to make orthodontic treatment faster and more precise 

Ease of use with practical manipulation tools and animations  

Appealing UX design 


Skills Involved:

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