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Car Sales Tool 

Automotive Data Mining Services Designed Exclusively for Car Dealers 

Harness The Power of Data to Lower Costs and Increase Profits 

The Challenge 

Maximizing profits in the automotive industry is a challenging task. Usually, you have to find the perfect balance between data-based marketing and advertising efforts, among other factors. AutoMiner’s mission is to serve dealers’ best interest while using the latest trends in technology and software as its competitive advantage. 

The Vision

The AutoMiner is an automotive data mining solution. The platform helps with customer targeting, increasing sales and service retention. Their Car Sales Tool allows users to save time and improve results by leveraging their software platform and services. It’s a clean customer data platform with managed marketing services designed exclusively for dealers in the Automotive Industry. 

The Scopic Solution

The Car Sales Tool developed by Scopic includes 5 main features:  

All Your Data in One Place: As we put all data on one platform, AutoMiner’s users can easily find all the information they need.   

Clean Data: The powerful data cleansing feature allows you to reach better leads – you can be certain that your marketing gets to low-funnel customers who are ready to buy.    

Customized Audiences: You can use your own data to easily create customized audience segments and use them on any outbound marketing channel.  

Ultra-Targeted Marketing: Streamline your marketing campaigns with custom-tailored strategies to increase profitability.   

Increase BDC Productivity: Now you can create call lists with the most up-to-date and relevant customer data available for each BDC agent.  

Skills Involved:

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