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The Challenge 

It is often difficult to visualize whether a sticker will suit your car before purchasing. Many car sticker companies struggle therefore, to present their stickers in a way that enables their clients to make more informed decisions regarding the stickers that go best with the specific make and color of their cars.

The Vision Behind the App

The founders of Car Stickers realized that by creating a web application to visualize stickers before purchasing, they would be able to facilitate the buyers’ decision making process and as a result, personalize the customer experience.

The Scopic Solution

Teaming up with the web development team at Scopic, the founders of Car Stickers turned their vision into reality. Using Javascript and other technologies our software development experts created an application that allows the end user to visualize 3D sticker designs on their vehicle of choice.

What’s more, once a sticker has been created, designs can be published, rated, commented on, or downloaded for further print, giving the user immediate access to their chosen and customized car stickers.

Skills Involved:

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