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Chemicals E-store

The platform that provides efficient accessibility of chemical products

Where Chemical Brands, Sellers and Buyers Meet.

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The Chemical Marketplace Challenge 

Digitalization has become an integral part of most industries, including chemicals. This is not only as a whole but also in the process of buying and selling chemical products. Frequently, the communication between a customer and a provider is initiated online.

If the company doesn’t appear in the search engine results, it will directly affect its brand recognition and sales, also risking not being relevant in the market.

The increasing competition challenges the distribution companies to expand their products’ reach and, at the same time, keep their costs low. The chemical industry makes this even more challenging due to the high volatility and unanticipated variations in prices.

The Vision Behind the App

Chemicals E-store company saw the online environment as an opportunity and not as a threat. Its vision included constant improvement and reinvention for the chemical supply chain. To achieve that, the company aimed at creating a meeting point for both the consumer and the producer, cutting the middleman and offering convenience to the distribution process. Having all market participants centralized meant:

  • Optimization of costs
  • Recognizable competitive advantages
  • Avoidance of oversupply
  • Transactional efficiency

 Naturally, the idea of the service could only be explored in the online world and through the support of developer teams that had previous experience on such platforms. Consequently, Chemicals E-store reached out to Scopic to begin their journey.

Chemicals E-Store vision

The Scopic Solution

Scopic created a marketplace for Chemicals E-store where companies could buy and sell chemical products. The digital solution features extensive services for users such as verification procedures, filtering options, and online transactions. Through the Google Maps API, our backend experts provided a clean and simple search index, so buyers can look easily for sellers nearby. Its simple, user-friendly and yet detailed interface covers 4 main capabilities:

Creating product entries

Connecting people

Client feedback

Buying products

Selling stock

And more!

Chemicals E-Store solution

Skills Involved:

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