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Disconnection Times

A Real-Time Network Monitoring Tool

Network management done smoothly


The Challenge Sumarized

Network monitoring refers to a computer network’s systematic effort to detect slow or failing components before they cause any issues. For instance, failed switches, crashed or overloaded servers, failing routers, and other problematic components can result in network failures or outages. This is when network monitoring systems come into play: they notify network administrators about the issues that may potentially trigger an outage. Ensuring a network’s high performance without any interruptions calls for powerful network monitoring software.

The Vision Behind the App 

The company behind Disconnection Times envisioned a sophisticated network management and monitoring app. They wanted to build a tool that would offer an end-to-end visualization of the network and allow for close monitoring of the network in real time. With this idea in mind, they partnered with Scopic to create the software application from the ground up.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic’s seasoned development team created Disconnection Times, a reliable monitoring tool for network administrators.

Disconnection Times offers a range of useful features:

  • Allows to view logs of connected devices in a chart
  • Highlights intervals when devices were unavailable (during timeouts and other failure periods)
  • Displays a graph of disconnection intervals for a set of devices
  • Summarizes the data into a visual dashboard
  • Enables users to export the network data

With this comprehensive network monitoring tool, you can easily identify the root cause of network issues and maintain your network’s optimal uptime.   

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