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Get licensed in using refrigeration equipment 


Learn faster through a simulation program 

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The Challenge Summarized

In certain U.S. states commercial, industrial, or residential facilities that use large refrigeration equipment require a licensed watch engineer to be on duty during all hours of operation.  

Becoming a licensed engineer demands that you pass a two-part test and complete a 200-hour course which instructs you in the operation of large-scale refrigeration equipment. To meet these substantial requirements, it is important to find a reliable course provider that enables students to qualify for and pass the exams.  



The Vision 

Turner School is a leader in continuing education for Commercial and Industrial Building Operations and Management. The school has helped thousands of students to successfully complete courses in industrial and commercial refrigeration. The school wanted to create a Simulation Program to supplement their courses and help students to put the information they’ve learned to practice. That’s when Turner School contacted Scopic to bring this vision into reality.

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The Scopic Solution

Scopic developers rewrote the Simulation Program from Flash to Angular, creating a powerful software for students who want to become licensed watch engineers for large-scale refrigeration equipment.

The Practical Simulation Program is a helpful addition to lectures, notes, videos, and review tests that students receive in the theoretical part of the course. The Simulation Program can be accessed through Turner School’s website. It allows students to get acclimated to the program, while putting the information learned in the written portion of the class to practical use.


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Skills Involved:

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