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A novel approach to medical imaging

High-resolution 3D models of vasculature.

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The Medical Imaging Challenge

Medical imaging is critically important in the diagnosis and treatment planning of vascular diseases. Though there have been many technological advancements in the field of medical imaging in recent years, there are still certain challenges and drawbacks. Some of the most obvious ones include inconveniently long scan times and expensive and nonportable scanning equipment.

The Vision Behind the App

The idea behind Endovantage was to build a powerful web application that creates detailed 3D visualizations of patients’ vasculature. The easy-to-use tool aims to assist medical practitioners involved in diagnostic imaging and help them come up with best treatment scenarios for patients.

Endovantage vision

The Scopic Solution

Built for use by medical professionals, Endovantage is a high-powered, cloud-based medical modeling tool that radically improves endovascular device design and development. It analyzes patients’ CT scans to generate custom 3D models of vasculature, providing crucial anatomical measurements and visualizations far more quickly and accurately than physical testing. In order to enhance patient relations, Endovantage also simulates multiple treatment scenarios based on available devices and/or deployment strategies.

Using the ThreeJS library and HTML5, the Scopic team designed this complex frontend 3D viewer to communicate securely with a pre-existing backend 3D mesh generator, and developed a special format to store sensitive medical information within the app.

Endovantage solution

Skills Involved:

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