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FastPacs DICOM

The app that simplifies image retrieval and optimizes medical workflows

Handle the clinical data efficiently. Treat the diagnosis easily.

The DICOM Images Challenge Summarized

DICOM images are files used in fields such as orthopedics, general practice, chiropractic, podiatry or veterinary. They contain personal patient information grouped into data sets and are important in exchanging and transmitting medical images.

In contrast with other image file formats such as JPEG or TIFF, the individual DICOM files are not recognized by operating systems as images. As a result, people are not able to view the contents of the image by simply double-clicking on them. It becomes a headache to review the images, let alone edit them. Usually, users need to: 

  • Install applications
  • Download applets
  • Customize browsers

The Vision Behind the App

FastPACS’s vision consisted of fully utilizing the digital potential of DICOM for the optimization of workflows in the medical industry. They aimed at finding a user-friendly solution that would provide professionals with:

  • Standards-based archiving
  • Unlimited web distribution
  • Compatibility with Windows, iOS, Linux
  • CD Creation and Importation
  • Digital Templates
  • Affordability and scalability for smaller facilities

FastPACS was looking for a medical software development company they could trust – that’s how they found Scopic. They wanted to  develop DICOM functionalities in one compact platform, and we delivered a cost-effective project in line with their expectations.

The Scopic Solution

Benefiting from years of experience in medical imaging software development, Scopic cooperated with FastPACS DICOM to create a web-based image server and FDA-certified iQ-VIEW review workstation. This complex application allows medical professionals to archive, view, and edit DICOM images. It involves the integration of two discrete systems into one intuitive user interface.

FastPACS’ software has been deployed in medical offices across the United States, enabling instantaneous access to DICOM images from any web-enabled device. Smaller offices make use of the complementary WebWorkstation, a compact and affordable device with built-in FastPACS DICOM functionalities. In addition to developing the original software, Scopic has worked on multiple feature upgrades, including an admin plugin that allows users to directly modify patient data stored on multiple databases.

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