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The app that empowers both manual handwriting and digital productivity

The authenticity of handwriting made digital.

The Fitness Challenge Summarized

Handwriting in the digitalization era is both time-consuming and tiresome. It is inconvenient and does not allow us to immediately share information online, additionally, it is sometimes hard to decipher – and not only from doctors.

Writing by hand has not become totally irrelevant because old-school enthusiasts like its easy access. Get a paper and a pen and you’re good to go! Also, the unique features of each individual’s handwriting give an emotional experience to the content. The reader seems to be closer to the writer. So, eventually, people have to choose between the efficiency of typing and the authenticity of handwriting.

The Vision Behind the App

The company HandFont sought to not make this a choice after all. It aimed to take the advantages of both worlds and put them on a silver platter for users. HandFont wanted to both ease the creation of handwritten correspondence and also preserve handwriting.
So, they turned to Scopic and worked together on an effective solution.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic created an interactive app that allows users to digitize handwriting. Any user can simply make their writing reusable in devices by just following 4 user-friendly steps:

Complete a Font Form

Scan or Photograph the Form

Buy and Download Font

The font would then be installed on the computer to use as any other common font.

Skills Involved:

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