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The Social Media Management Challenge

Social media management has become essential for most companies who wish to have decent online presence and brand awareness. There are various kinds of tasks in different channels that require attention:

  • Constantly posting curated content
  • Keeping track of the engagement metrics
  • Checking the competitor’s feed or customer feedback

This is a very time-consuming process. So, this leads to companies underestimating the process, also affected by its low impact on ROI.

The Vision Behind the App

The HelpSocial company promoted the power of social media and digital marketing. They believed that companies could efficiently use social media as a resource for relevant information. Knowing who mentioned or tagged them would instantly provide them with important feedback. They could use this data to keep the right focus and be aware of what to improve. This would also help in managing time better and not getting lost in all the vast information social media has.

So, HelpSocial approached Scopic to work together on a platform solution that would facilitate this whole process.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic created a web-based platform for HelpSocial to support 3 social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The app shows details about those who mention the company’s brand in social platforms. The user gets notified immediately in regards to who they were talking to.

This gives context to the conversation and helps the company understand how important their comment may be. HelpSocial is a social platform built to help enterprises scale to as many users as they want to be involved. Depending on their business size, that could be a team of 5 or thousands operating globally.

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