The app that promotes instant identification for your employees, workers, and guests.

Professional and high-quality ID badge in a matter of minutes.


The ID Making Challenge Summarized

Enterprises are often in need of identification badges for employees or membership cards for customer programs. They don’t know where to begin. And a small task like that can become difficult, expensive and time-consuming.

 Proper pictures with the right dimensions need to be taken. What is the right text, right paper? Then, after having defined all of those items, finding a good printing provider is quite a hassle.

The Vision Behind the App

IDCreator envisioned plenty of opportunities in the improvement of this simple process that seemed to be taking so much time. Automation could simplify every step. In addition, time management would ensure a professional look for businesses, schools or any other facility requiring such products. IDCreator aimed at creating a user-friendly solution to the workflow, so they contacted Scopic to move their ideas forward.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic’s team worked together with IDCreator to develop a powerful application for their needs. Its easy-to-use interface allows the design and ordering of high-quality identification cards for schools, hospitals, police and fire departments, fitness centers and restaurants, among others. It primarily offers users full customization of IDs through 3 intuitive steps:
Start by choosing a pre-made template or from scratch
Add text, barcodes, QR codes, images, shapes to the ID
Simply print and get same-day shipping

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