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Interview Focus

Equipping candidates with the skills they need to succeed in an interview.

Find, prepare and nail the interview for your dream job.

The Challenge

The job market is competitive and trying to stand out in an interview when you’re up against many other candidates can be daunting. Because of this many job seekers are on the lookout for guidance and interview support. It is not always easy though, to  find the perfect place to improve and work upon critical skills that can make the difference between failing and nailing an interview.

The Vision

The creators of InterviewFocus know how challenging it can be to excel in an interview, so they aspired to share their knowledge and help people improve their interview skills. They wanted to create a web application full of useful resources and guidance, as well as increase engagement with their target audience and empower more individuals to get their dream jobs.
InterviewFocus vision

The Scopic Solution

InterviewFocus turned to Scopic to build their custom cloud-based web application platform. The app provides an innovative job interview simulation that includes 12-15 industry specific questions. Our team of web developers leveraged computer vision, real-time media streaming, speech recognition software, video processing and video chat room technology to provide users with a realistic interview experience. The application also offers an evaluation of the user’s soft skills based on their engagement level and speech rate.
We focused greatly on the system design and usability to exhibit unique software technology with a user-friendly interface. The InterviewFocus web application enables the buying and scheduling of one-on-one consultations, in order to gain more personalized feedback from a specialized coach. And to provide admin users with a detailed overview of all user communication channels, financial and statistical reports, and coupon functionalities, an administration panel was built into the system too.

Skills Involved:

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