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The Backdrop Challenge

Taking and editing beautiful photos is an art.

Complimenting each image with the right backdrop to suit the theme of your photoshoot can truly bring life to the subject within.

But without being able to visualize your options before buying, purchasing backdrops online can be risky and unpredictable.

The Artist’s Vision

In an attempt to capture the essence and heart of her work online, the founder of Intuition Background hoped to create a preview of her hand-painted backdrops in order to make it easier for photographers to visualize and select their desired choice with confidence. 

The Scopic Solution

Scopic got to work to turn the Intuition Backgrounds studio preview into reality. Using Web frameworks and other technologies, our hand-picked team of web developers created a platform to integrate with the Intuition Backgrounds Shopify store.

By using this app, any photographer on the hunt for the perfect backdrop, floor or prop, will be able to first visualize different combinations, before selecting and purchasing their perfect combo, all with just a click of a button.

Skills Involved:

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