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Kodawari Yoga

The app that’s helping clients find their inner balance

The Challenge

Setting up, remembering and tracking appointments can be a tedious job that takes the serenity out of the wellness experience. Companies like Kodawari aim to ensure clients feel relaxed and at ease from the moment they decide to embark upon their spiritual journey, but without a digital presence it can be very difficult to guarantee that all prospects and clients are aware of all the opportunities, events and services they have to offer.

What’s more, conveying company values, vision and voice to every client, and showcasing the advantages of their company in comparison to competitors, is no easy challenge when the main channel of communication is over the phone or in person.

The Digital Vision

The founders of Kodawari Yoga aimed to create a user-friendly website with a serene interface that would be able to portray their vision of peace and relaxation to their users. They wanted a unified portal where their clients would be able to book appointments and schedule their sessions. Being the positive facilitators they are, the Kodawari founders wished to provide their clients with the option of being able to see all the programs available and all the trainers at hand to help. They aspired to make the lives of their clients easier from the very moment they began booking an appointment at Kodawari. 

The Scopic Solution

The Scopic team took Kodawari Yoga’s vision and transformed it into a WordPress website that showcases the services being offered along with detailed information about the business itself. It has been designed to help clients look up new services, book classes online, find out more about living a healthy lifestyle and discover the variety of treatments offered by Kodawari. Its interface is intuitive and user-friendly, and the responsive design transmits a feeling of calm and serenity reflective of the true Kodawari spirit.

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